Indiegogo Campaign for Dark Comedy ‘Ashes’ [Press Release]

NYC-based Indiegogo Campaign Underway For ‘Ashes’; A Dark Comedy With A Healthy Dose of Fanboy Humor

Campaign is underway for the Indie Dark Comedy ‘Ashes’. 33% or $3,340 of our $10,000 goal has been raised thus far…

An Indiegogo campaign has commenced in the pre-production stage of Ashes, starring Keith Walker, Ja-Ron Young, Holly Dortch, Arlene McGruder, and Diana Sanchez. Keith Walker directs the film from a collaborative screenplay by himself and Ja-Ron Young.

In Ashes, main characters Derek, Jason and Holly have the mission of spreading their father’s ashes before sunset. This is the story of three siblings who are grieving in their own unique way and the perspectives they have about the world, love and themselves.

So far we have raised 33%, or $3,340 of our $10,000 goal.

Among the many perks for Ashes there are Cremation Stickers, Glamorized Tombstones, and Comedic Eulogies at the moderate end of the contribution level. We also have the E. True Hollywood Story perk (Which will treat you like the star that you are by filming your epic death in the style of an original, Lifetime Channel Movie) and the 15 Cookies and a Funeral; A care package of our grandmother’s signature triple chocolate chip cookies, a comic book from the feature film, and other goodies.

Keith Walker is a Director and Screenwriter known for his autobiographical short, Chemo: A Love Story. The film had a successful run at the Cannes film festival in 2012 and tells the story of his life as a cancer patient. In addition to filmmaking, Walker is also a playwright. Decoy, his current play set in the future, has made it into the Strawberry One-Act Festival sponsored by the Riant Theatre. He is also working on a webseries called Chemosabe, which is about a patient whose best friend is Death. He is a regular at standup comedy clubs in New York, such as Comic Strip Live, the New York Comedy Club, and the Broadway Comedy Club.

For additional information, go to–5#home

Visit the official Twitter of Keith Walker at:


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