One Size Fits All (Black Mirror Fan Fic Episode, in Progress)


Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. I am not involved with the Black Mirror tv show in any way.



PSYCHIATRIST: How do you feel?

VALE: Strange


With its minimalistic decor this room is more of a posh futuristic living space than your traditional psych office.

VALE, a woman (of color) in her early 20s, young but with the burden of poor mental health weighing  down on her, is sitting on a chair with her eyes closed.

A PSYCHIATRIST, aged 40, sits across from her, upright with legs side by side; uncrossed. Hands on knees. She has a serious disposition…Marked by her profession rather than her character.

A meditation device is connected to her temples. The name BLANK SLATE is scrawled across the elastic bar that connects both sides of the device.


VALE: It’s almost too quiet. I mean I love it…But it also scares me.

SWITCH: 3D Environment/Virtual Reality – Nature

Here both women are sitting in a visidescent field, surrounded by pristine waters.

PSYCHIATRIST: You already know what i’m going to say next.

VALE: (Laughs) I don’t know why. My whole life is noise. From the moment the alarm goes off…

PSYCHIATRIST: You think that has something to do with it?

VALE: I mean, yeah. Noise is my default setting.

PSYCHIATRIST: So what do you call this?

VALE: Peace.

PSYCHIATRIST: But it unsettles you?

VALE: Shouldn’t it? Wildlife doesn’t exist anymore. Our trees are synthetic. I wasn’t reared in the time of (public) parks, endless woods and forests so i’d say it’s perfectly natural for me to feel cultural shock every time I come here.

PSYCHIATRIST: True enough.

VALE: Where are we?

PSYCHIATRIST: Plitvice Lakes. Croatia.

VALE: What year?

PSYCHIATRIST: Today. I know it’s hard to believe but nature still exists in hidden nooks and crannies of the world.

VALE: So you mean all of those green utopias on tv aren’t a lie…


VALE: Not for those who can afford them anyways.

After a moment of silence.

PSYCHIATRIST: So, my child. How long has it been since your last confession?

VALE: (Smiles) I’m an unrepentant sinner.

PSYCHIATRIST: You wouldn’t be here if you were. How are you feeling today?

VALE: Like i’m a fuck up. All day, every day.

PSYCHIATRIST: (Sighs) What are the rules, Vale?

VALE: No negative self talk.

PSYCHIATRIST: That’s right. You’re not allowed to beat yourself up. You can acknowledge that you have things you are dealing with without resorting to verbally abusing yourself.

VALE: I know.

PSYCHIATRIST: I know you know. That’s why I said it. So let’s try again. How are you feeling today?

VALE: (Pauses) It happened again. This morning…

While she is recounting her story, we cut to:


Vale is behind the wheel at a red light.

On the bottom of the car window, there are icons moving from side to side. Think a modern day smart car meets a touch screen computer.


She navigates to the sophisticated logo of the fashion boutique across the street. In the augmented reality that the car simulates, the real life store merges with the virtual arrow that points to the logo on the front of the car window.

A tiny holographic woman appears in a beautiful dress on the driver’s side.

She turns 360 degrees.


She hits the phrase and it lights up with video game-like sound effects.


HONK! (An irritated driver signals from behind)

She hits the phrase…


Revs up the engine and drives away.


PSYCHIATRIST: I thought you had an ad blocker.

Vale looks away, as if in shame.


VALE: $1,000 every five months.

PSYCHIATRIST: You have very expensive habits. Look, you’re in this program with the stipulation that you will follow the rules. I need to know that you can.

VALE: This is ridiculous. I could be using that money for other things….

PSYCHIATRIST: Like a new pair of shoes to go with your dress?

VALE: (Taken aback) Ouch.

PSYCHIATRIST: Once you get a better handle…on your addiction, this will be a lot easier.


PSYCHIATRIST: But only if you let the program do its job. The first step is to learn to do whatever is necessary to deal with your habits. So you’re going to need to buy the subscription. It’s the only way to ensure that the ads will be blocked. Can you do that?

VALE: Yeah, whatever.

PSYCHIATRIST: I’m going to let that slide. When?

VALE: As soon as I get home.

PSYCHIATRIST: Good. And I will check. I can’t help you if you’re unwilling to help yourself.


PSYCHIATRIST: Your homework from Tuesday to Thursday is to continue to journal everything  you’re feeling. We will discuss your progress on Friday. If there are any emergencies please call 811. Or get in contact with your RA.

Both women rise  from their chairs.

VALE: Ok. Thanks Doc..

PSYCHIATRIST: (Smiles) No problem. Have a good week.


Vale walks down a hallway padded with grey walls. The mod is somber; not quite mental ward but there is definitely an aura of public health institution.

Halfway down the hall she sees a WOMAN (another patient) who averts her eyes in a most unfriendly manner when crossing her path; gazing upon her for a millisecond before turning away.

Vale returns the look with a stale expression.

A few steps more and she is at the front desk, where TWO RECEPTIONISTS sit with a generally amicalble/approachable demeanor.

VALE: Hi, can you buzz me out–please?

She takes a white key card from her pocket and gives it  to one of the women. One of the receptionists swipes the card…

An image pops up on a monitor in front of the receptionists (only visible to them).

ON COMPUTER MONITOR: Current Status: Grade Pending. Override Allowed. Reasons: Attending sessions. Not a danger to self or others.

RECEPTIONIST 1: Ok, you’re all set.

She hands back the key card to Vale.

RECEPTIONIST: (Smiles) Have a good day.

VALE: Thanks.

Vale walks towards the door and it opens automatically.

Not yet outside, she takes a few steps towards the outer entrance.

The door opens.




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